Falls Creek Gin (Original)

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Gin with Attitude.
7 secret herbs & spices makes this our first gin.

Smooth palate pairs perfectly with StrangeLove Dirty Tonic Water.

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When it comes to gin distilled in the Australia High Country, get ready to taste the magic of mountain water. This gin takes advantage of the pristine, crystal-clear water sourced from the majestic mountains of the region. Imagine that cool, refreshing water flowing through the distillery, mingling with the unique botanicals, and creating a gin that’s unlike anything else out there.

By using mountain water, this gin gains an extra layer of quality and purity. It’s like Mother Nature herself lending a hand in crafting the perfect spirit. The water from the Australia High Country is renowned for its mineral content and exceptional taste, and it adds a subtle touch to the final product that you won’t find in gins made elsewhere. So, when you sip on this gin, you can savor not only the flavors of the carefully selected botanicals but also the essence of the mountains themselves, making it a truly unforgettable experience.

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5 reviews for Falls Creek Gin (Original)

  1. Hunter Williams

    A beautiful crafted gin made locally

  2. Nyree Fiddes

    Absolutely delicious gin! It’s become my favourite gin very quickly. Beautiful flavours!

  3. Christa Smit

    Had my first Falls Creek Gin in Apt 3 in Elk tonight! It was delicious and very enjoyable!

  4. Nik Nok

    amazingly smooth and beautiful to have both mixed and neat. The gin has a very unique (and versatile) flavor, which has come from utilizing the environment from where it’s made.

  5. Jo Ferres

    Thanks Gaz for gifting this lovely smooth gin— reminding me of the fresh clean environment of Falls Creek

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